Leif Gottschling
between software and business.


My name is Leif Gottschling. I support companies in using software to improve processes. My technical background, a more abstract education and experience in both development and consulting help me creating value at the frontier of IT and business. Strategic problems in this area motivate me and my international experience makes me keep the big picture in mind, while still understanding the details.

In the past

I got to know private economy and proved entrepreneurial spirit already during my schooldays, when I designed websites for local sports clubs and small businesses. Then, during my university studies, I gathered useful experiences by doing various internships and being a working student. Even then, I could already use my experience as well as my expertise to give valuable assistance to some companies.

Then, about two years ago, I received my master's degree in mathematics, for which I focused on cryptology and chose information technology to be my minor. In my master's thesis, I dealt with closest vector attacks on the LWE-problem and managed to improve an algorithm that had been widely recognized to be state of the art.

While my scientific subjects were quite technical, my diverse interests led me to aquire some Korean language skills during my time as a student. Having graduated from university, I was determined to improve my knowledge of both the Korean language and culture, so I spent a year in Seoul, taking Korean language classes at a renowned university.

Today, back in Germany, I work as a software consultant for fraud prevention in the payment industry.

In the future

I would like to help solving the big problems with the help of software. I have got a passion for modern technology, ranging from web applications to mobile devices, as well as open source / linux and IT security. Having a keen perception, I always enjoyed the problem-solving part of mathematics and programming and am looking to utilize this asset in business applications of IT, while working in an international environment and connecting with clients and customers.